Just Say the Damn Thing

I think people have the wrong idea. I know people have the wrong idea of good writing. I see a lot of writers, especially the ones that take the class that I give sometimes at Wizard Academy called Advanced Wordsmithing. You get a lot of people, lilting writers, who present this beautiful picture of something, when in fact … No matter what your writing, whether it’s fiction or an ad, or a website, what you need to do is say the damn thing.

You need to get out of the way and let people know what you mean. Especially today, if you know me, you will hear me talk a lot about what I call market relativity.

What’s demanded today is clarity more than creativity.

This goes back to being a great writer. Steinbeck, Hemingway, those guys are often considered the giants of writing. What is the one thing they had in common? They got out of the way. They lose the omniscient narrator. They put you right there in the middle of it as opposed to telling you the thing.

I try to give writers a cheat sheet to move towards these pretty hard concepts in writing. The people I work with are business owners and copywriters and don’t really think of themselves as writers.

I think if you’re putting pen to paper, you’re a writer. You can definitely be better. And, in the meantime, I can make sure that your company‚Äôs message is not getting buried in weak writing.

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