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Marketing & Advertising

Whether via traditional media, digital, or social, we’ll help you deliver a clearer, more powerful, more meaningful message exactly where and when it matters. Stop guessing and start saying the right thing.

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Writing Training

Everybody’s a writer. This is true every time your company communicates – from emails, to sales decks to presentations. Chris Maddock can make everybody on your team a more succinct, powerful and engaging communicator.

Make sure what you say isn’t just read or heard…but felt.

Thoughtful, well-engineered writing is irresistible. It demands attention at a psychological level, but more importantly, it affects an audience at a physiological level. It’s profound, chemical, can move a reader or listener to deep emotion, and properly directed, can make a significant difference in how people feel and react to your marketing or everyday communications. MM&C will help you say what you need to say in a way that’s not just heard, but felt.